Saturday, July 7, 2007

जो आया वो जायेगा ... Centre fresh - जुबां पे रखे लगाम

Another comedy ad that brings smile to my face every time I watch it.

A lonely road... On the way there's a bridge. Only few cattle crossing the bridge. A motor comes and stops. 4 persons, maphia gang, steps out. They carefully look all around and see only the cattles coming there way. Feeling safe, they took out a dead body from the car and throw it in the river. When they return, to their surprise, they saw a dwarf shepherd watching all this act closely from behind the cattle. Suddenly realizing that this person could be threat to them, they decide to take him to the task.

The moment, two of them pick the shepherd up, he starts acting as if he can't speak and tries to assure that he won't utter a single word about what all he has seen. The leader, with an opened shoe lace, decides to leave the shepherd and all of them start returning to the car.

And there comes the misfortune of the shepherd. He sees the opened shoe lace and .... say ... "bhaisaab, aap kaa shoe lace ....." realizes what he has just done ...." khul gayaa hai" ... Background song throws the gyan - "Jo aayaa wo jaayegaa".... with a punch line "Center Fresh, Jubaan pe rakhe Lagaam"

Relive the full ad here:

What I like most about this?
The expressions given by the shepherd are superb, specially when he realizes that he has committed a big mistake and that is going to cost his life. Complete helplessness and fear appear on his face.