Monday, February 11, 2013

A little more...

When you get a little more, it definitely gives a pleasure whether you are kid, an young person or a senior citizen. Everyone tries to maximize their earning at every possible occasion.

This is the theme of new Aircel TVC campaign which is kicked off in 2013. 

A cricket match is going on between two teams, it is under arm cricket, probably getting played in some lane of a town. The match is towards the end and the team who is batting needs only few runs to win. So the fielders are all for saving even the singles. The dialogues are conveying you all this. 

When the batsman hits the ball, it was sure to have only one run - no less no more. And the fielder in all his hurry, stops the ball and throws it back to the non-striker end. And guess what - no one fields it there and the batting team gets another run!!

Look at the joy of both the batsmen, their dance (should I say belly dance;) ) and the guilt on the face of the faltering fielder, amazing expressions. The narration continues that Aircel is giving extra talking time worth Rs. 150/- for a recharge of just Rs. 135/-

थोड़ा extra मिलता है तो ..
अच्छा लगता है ना ?
Here is the video:

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