Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lifebuoy se haath dhoye kya?

Today's ad is not a TVC, but it is a clever way of marketing, very opportunistic and very very innovative. 

Every one knows that as I write this, Mahakumbh mela is being held in Allahabad where millions of pilgrims have gathered to bathe in the sacred river of Ganga. The sheer number (80 million people expected in 2013 kumbh at Allahabad) represents huge challenge for the government to manage this event. While the government and security agencies were busy ensuring the organization and safety of the visitors, it was obvious that every business will try to cash on this readily available audience in every possible manner. The hoardings, banners, pamphlates etc are age old techniques, but still employed in this Kumbh. 

However, there was some innovation too. The creative agency Ogilvy thought differently. Instead of rushing for the ad space at the hoardings and banners, their creative team came up with idea of reminding the consumers about the product at the most appropriate time. Now, that is a task. How could you find out what is the right time for pitching the product for such a large number of folks? How do you ensure that you get the eyeballs? And how do you make an impact? For a product like Lifebuoy, the team found the answers very cleverly.

The Ogilvy team put up an idea to stamp every roti that was to be served in the Kumbh area with a message:
लाइफबॉय से हाथ धोये क्या?
Now that is something! Every person who is served this roti, will ensure that he has washed his hands before eating!!
Photo credit: Economic Times

HUL, the owner of the brand "Lifebuoy" made special heat stamps to make an impression of this message and hired 100 promoters to stand in 100 kitchens across the mela. This simple trick is helping the company to reach millions of people at fraction of the cost should they have utilized conventional channels!!

Here is the video covering this creative:

Hats off the creative team!! 

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Manish said...

Fantastic idea by the creative team. Thanks for covering.