Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Everything is the same, except the name

What else, other than identical twins, can represent this concept? A very cute ad that captures the exact theme of brand name change from UTI Bank to AXIS Bank.

A cute little girl, all in pink, enters a class room and asks sweetly, "May I come in teacher?". Teacher takes a look at the girl and nods. The girl enters the room and finds a place in a corner bench for herself. Even before she is settled down, another similar voice comes "May I come in teacher?" And when the teacher turns to the door, to her surprise, she finds the same little girl again at the door. Not understanding what's happening, teacher looks back to the place where first girl was sitting, only to realize that they are twins. The second girl enters the room and sits next to her sister. And caption appears:

"Everything is the same, except the name. UTI bank is now AXIS bank."

A direct impact ad, guaranteeing a same level of service to the customers even though there's a brand change. This ad definitely succeeds in conveying this message to the customer and retains their confidence.

When I first saw this ad, I got curious. Why they are changing the name? And if they are changing the name for whatever reason, why can't they attribute it to the requirement of improvement in the service? All of these questions got answered in a recent article in business standard. A good read.

When I read the article, the ad made more sense to me and I can say that this ad is having the exact impact that creators wanted.

Here is the youtube link:

The ad creator: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising