Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bande Achhe Hai

This TVC starts with a shot near a boat. A family is trying to get on to a boat by walking on wooden board. Looking at the wooden board the Dad stops everyone on the shore, gets on the board, tests it by standing on it, pressing it down. When he is confident, he calls his family to walk on the board and get onto the boat.

The husband is getting ready for the office. His towel is lying on the floor. Wife notices it and bends down to pick it up with utter helplessness on her face. Husband quickly closes the open drawer which his wife could have hit while picking up. Wife doesn't even realize it.

Another husband is sitting in a taxi. His wife comes with husband's wallet. You can lip read "Sorry" from Husband and Wife's no-reaction except for "Bye". Taxi starts and immediately Husband asks driver to wait. He is looking up towards the building. In a moment, light goes on in an apartment. With the comfort feeling that Wife has reached the flat safely, Husband asks the driver to start.

Senior citizens. Wife is sitting on the chair, reading a book, cup of tea on the table. But the Sun rays are kind of distracting. She is holding her hand in such a fashion that she doesn't get the glare. Husband walks in to join her for tea. Sits down only to realize that the Sunrays need to be blocked. He just moves a bit so that his shadow covers Wife's face. Objective achieved!!

Family of three (Husband, Wife and a child) are sitting on railway platform, waiting for the train. Husband and Wife are almost sleepy, whereas the kid is playing some video game. He suddenly starts running towards the platform, only to realize that his father had hold the buckle of kid's pant ensuring the kid doesn't wander.

Father of a adorable girl is visiting the school principle along with the daughter. Both are walking side-by-side. Somehow, daughter's shoes are filled with mud making the floor dirty. Father realizes it and fears that the principle would be unhappy. He just switches the sides so as to pretend that the dirty marks on the floor are because of him and not because of daughter!!

Newly wed couple, about leave the marriage hall. The bride is crying with the thought of leaving her family. The car starts. The groom consoles the bride with just a touch. 

Couple walking on the road. Wife is on the outer side of the road. Suddenly husband changes the side so as to ensure that if the vehicle hits, his wife doesn't meet with the accident.

Each of these incidents underline that men do care, even though they don't talk about it. All those are nice little actions. If someone asks a man how does he care for his family, he wouldn't even recall these actions. You'll find him struggling to answer. But this TVC would change it forever!!

I am sure you would have observed it everywhere. Now that it is picturised, even the females would acknowledge this and many more such actions.

The TVC is created by Lowe Lintas for ICICIPrulife with tag line:
ज़ो ज़िम्मेदारी निभाते है, जताते नहीं ॥ 
Lyrics, by Swanand Kirkire, are beautiful too.