Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tata DoCoMo - latest Ad campaign

You might have noticed that Tata Docomo has started a new ad campaign - "No Getting Away. From the the network that always connects, everywhere". 

The tag line is absolutely fantastic, however, it looks like the ad company ran into ideation bankruptcy and churned out some very bad concepts. Case in point - "Wedding". The poor chap is getting married, is in the middle of the ritual and all of a sudden his mobile rings. And he starts talking to his boss. Now, no sane person keeps his mobile with him during the "feras". Moreover, by mistake if someone keeps it, would he really pick it up until the ritual is done? The height is that the ad completely ignores the consumer mindset. Now if your service is going to put me in trouble, why would I opt for it?

Another example is - "Rocking Car". About this ad, I have a mixed feeling. The ad creator is successful in hinting what is happening inside the car, without actually showing anything. But again, from human psychology, why would one choose a service, which is going to be a problem at some point in time?

I have same feeling about all the remaining ads except for the "in the house" ad. This ad is actually going to make me think - good I had a good coverage, otherwise my mobile might have stolen.

Other ads in the same campaign include - "Who is in the cupboard", "Operation Theater", "At the airport"

If you want to watch all the Tata Docomo Ads you can connect to YouTube Channel here.