Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kent Water Purifier - ab to istemaal karo

For quite a few years now, Kent is running the ad to sell their water purifiers. Initially it was at a level where they were introducing the brand and had a humongous task of breaking down the monopoly of Aquaguard - largest selling water Purifier of India.

Since then the advertisement by Kent has taken multiple turns. Initially it was Isha Deol and her sister, almost around the same time, Hema Malini also got in to the frame. It started sounding like a family affair.

However, it was still okay until the Deol family was asking "aap apana purifier kab badal rahe ho?" (When are you replacing your current water purifier with Kent?) - a fair statement. But if you look at the current version, it is filled with complete helplessness and clearly pointing out that Kent has not acquired as much share as they wanted in last couple of years. Read the tag line - "aap apana purifier badal rahe ho naa?" (Are you changing the purifier or not? - skepticism all over the ad)

Here you can find one of the older clips. and for the current one - watch any of the IPL season 3 matches and you can see the difference :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sone se bhi Sona lage - Sizzling Aish with Abhishek

In their first every commercial together, Aishwarya and Abhishek have definitely created a magic. Together, both of them are now endorsing the much sought after brand of Lux Soap.

The theme of the ad revolves around how a wife entices her tired husband to go after her even after the day long work!! The glimpses of Ash using Lux, the naughty looks that she gives throughout those 40 seconds, it's simply awesome. The moment she nears Abhishek to blindfold him, see the expressions on Abhi's face - it clearly depicts how he gets mesmerized with the fragrance from Lux and then the chase begins. The sensuous moves from Ash sizzles through the ad, making Abhishek run behind her through the house. And when finally both of them hug, the brand name appears on the buildings visible through full length windows - Lux -background music becomes audible - soNe se bhi soNaa lage...

The thing I liked - fantabulous chemistry, vivid expressions and obviously the beauty queen Aishwarya :)

Here is the youtube URL -