Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ABN Amro

Let me start this blog with a very fantastic and interesting commercial from ABN Amro credit cards.

A group of dacoits starts robbing the train. The leader is snatching everything from each passanger including jewellery, cash everything, even the gold plated teeth from an aged person. In the process, they reach a person who apparantly doesn't have any cash, but only a credit card from ABN Amro bank. A nice sleek green colored transparent card... the moment the leader sees that, it return the credit card to the owner... and to the surprise of everyone, including all the dacoits, he, the leader returns some cash - punch line come - "Guaranteed Cash back - everytime!! India's first transparent credit card"

Things that I like about this ad - a fantastic use of the punch line and the word "transparent". The credit card itself is transparent, additionally hinting to the transparncy in the operations.

BTW: I was searching for the clipping on youtube, but didn't see it. Anyone has a link?

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