Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amul - The Taste Of India

One of the oldest advertisement that has started appearing again on the television these days and it's none other than - Amul - The Taste Of India - Milk and Milk products campaign. A nicely done ad. I'd rather say it's a short film depicting all the processes involved in this co-operative movement from Milk collection to processing, involving various elements of the society, right from the women carrying milk to the collection center to the persons processing it. Also includes the families of those women. The ad ends with a fantastic line:
"Every morning 17 Lac women across 9,000 villages, bringing in milk worth Rs 4 Crores are now celebrating their economic independence. thanks to the co-operative movement call Amul"
I am sure these numbers are pretty old now and they must have increased by substantial amount.

What I like about this ad?
The melodious song and smiles on the faces of women participated in the ad

You can watch this ad at:

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