Sunday, June 14, 2009

Karo Jyaadaa Kaa Iraadaa

Rather old one, but a very cute ad from Max New York Life Insurance.

Mom and Dad are busy with their own work and the kid is playing around. Suddenly the kid utters some words resembling "Daddy" and it suddenyl fetches Dad's attraction. Then starts the attempts to make the kid say words like Mama and then Banana. When the kid successfully utters "Banana", Dad starts asking for more and asks the kid to say "Czechoslovakia" - the kid is baffled, doesn't know what to do, Mama is asking Dad to "slow" down, but daddy knows what's the best way to achieve the bigger goals - step by step - and explains Mama how it can be done - "pahele "cheko" bolega, usake baad "slow" bolega and then "vakia" bolega - simple" ... But the kid seems to be still confused and cutely reacts in a typical kid's manner - "Brrrrrrr", disappointed Dad satisfies himself with "Banana bolaa" and goes back to reading paper; and suddenly kid starts attempting the word "czechoslovakia"

And there comes the tag lines - karo Jyaadaa kaa Iraadaa

Things I like most - the expressions from all three; the script and picturization everything - eyecatching!!!

Youtube link for the ad -

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P A Ramchandra said...

Good that you revived the blog. "Ye dil mange more"