Sunday, November 11, 2012

Idea - yet another marvelous TVC

A Muslim young boy is doing some window shopping. As he gets interested in the items on the display - ladies wrist watches - he starts getting curious about the pricing. However, he is completely hesitant to go inside the shop and check the price, probably for the fear of those items being unaffordable to him.

He closely observes couple of them, likes one and then checks the price tag... something 8K plus. The disappointment on his face clearly shows that the wrist watch that he liked is clearly out of his budget and probably can't even a stretchable budget. His saddened face turns to another wrist watch and the experience repeats. Yet another watch with a price tag of 8K plus and the same disappointment due to unaffordability. 

Suddenly something happens. The shopkeeper emerges from behind the counter, approaches the window. The muslim boy is kind of unsure what's going to happen. The smiling shopkeeper slowly picks up the tag next to the watch that the muslim youth had liked, which reads - "Diwali Offer - 50% off"... and there are crackers, burst of smile on the youth's face. While the shopkeeper softly wishes the muslim boy "Happy Diwali", the boy rushes inside, hugs the shopkeeper with a big smile on his face. The Diwali offer has clearly made that ladies wrist watch very much affordable and make that young boy very joyous. As he finishes his purchase, he simply clicks the photo of the wrist watch and sends it to his wife - with message - "Happy Diwali"

धर्म कौनसा भी हो, हर त्यौहार मनाना एक अच्छा IDEA है !!
Very hitting tag line, beautiful expressions and perfect timing by the artists... 

Happy Diwali to all my readers!!

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