Sunday, February 3, 2013

Axis Bank - Badhti ka naam zindagi

Do you remember the story you might have studied/read during your college days? A stranger places an order for Rolls Royce in sluggish economy in a town and that order manifests in a series of spendings from people getting affected by that order. Unfortunately I don't remember the name or author of the story, but this latest TVC from Axis bank reminded me of that story.

The TVC beautifully portrays how a bonus of Rs. 1,00,000/- helps so many people affecting their lives positively!!

A young couple receives bonus or Rs. 1L and plans a vacation to Himachal Pradesh. That triggers shopping for winter clothes and thus increasing the sales of the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper, in all his upbeat mood, doubles his order with the manufacturer. The manufacturer, already contemplating for this order receives the confirmation and hires a young female, which happens to be her first job.

Eventually, she books a new home through Axis bank home loan, moves in and brings her mom in the new home. Happy mother getting acquainted with the new lifestyle, also learning to use the ATM to withdraw money, starts decorating the new home. When she pays for the carpet she bought, the sellers calls up his home in some village in Himachal Pradesh and gives her a good news that he is sending money for his son's fees.

Little kid leaves for the school happily and crosses the Axis bank ATM on the way. The young couple which had planned the vacation in Himachal pops out of the ATM and feels happy to see the kid happy, unaware that their spending has helped this kid indirectly!!
जिंदगी के highway पे कोई अकेला नहीं बढ़ता ।

Watch it here:

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