Sunday, April 14, 2013

Women are not a property

Recently came across the ad campaign by stating some Mr. Rajan is so spoilt for options after visiting MagicBricks that everywhere he goes asks for more options.

Shamelessly, magicbricks goes on and also uses the same logic with girls, when he is visiting some family for "vadhu-pariksha". He asks the father of the girl, if he gets more options for the girls!!

First of all, "vadhu-pariksha" is a good enough humiliation for the girls who had to pass through that experience. On top of that, this Mr. Rajan makes a fun of those girls by comparing them to property and asking for more options.

I really wonder how did this TVC was approved and aired!!

Sorry, I am not posting the Video this time as I really don't want it to be circulated.

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