Monday, October 31, 2022 - Parr ... se Perfect

Due to OTT platforms, it has become difficult to come across advertisements. There are a few ones seen when playing YouTube videos, but most of them are easy to ignore. You can simply switch the tab or do something else and come back to the screen when the ad is over. 

However, yesterday was different. The occasion was India vs South Africa T20 match and all of us were hooked on to Hotstar live. No way to pause, forward the match and there you go... we were served with a plethora of advertisements. Some made us notice them, some got simply ignored, but a couple of them made some impression. 

TVC by was one such ad. I noticed it for the message it is conveying. 

A young couple is looking for their house and comes across a spacious flat which both of them like about. Both of them almost decide to finalize the house and the lady goes on justifying the purchase. 

"When the new flyover is ready, my parent's house would be just 20 mins away"

And it hits the man, clearly visible on his face and then he starts finding reasons to look for more houses and introduces's app suggesting they have thousands of properties. 

While's claim may be correct, the reason that they have used to look for options, in my opinion, gives out wrong reasons, especially on the impressionable minds. Just because your in-laws are going to be closer, you don't look for a different house. 

Typically, the TVCs are released with some theme and I was looking for the same with There indeed is a series of this tagline - "Parr ... se perfect" comprising about 7 to 10 different ads on this basic concept. You can find all the ads in this playlist.

If you go through each of them, I was kinda happy with the overall messaging, except for the one I mentioned above. This kind of negativity is uncalled for and I usually get pushed away from the brand.

Guess what, it is super-easy to convert the above ad to a perfect one blending with the rest of the messaging. Comment and tell me how would you change it?

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